Steps for A Healthy Marriage

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In order for marriages to thrive husbands and wives must be able identify potential strongholds and stressors that somehow tend to creep in Covenant marriages. Janice is a researcher and continues to stay focus on how marriages are to thrive in a biblical perspective. This book  provides unique perspectives that are most time unaddressed before marriages take place. Nothing that should be discussed is off limits as it relates to ensuring that couples remain dedicated to God and each other through their marital journey of changes. PRE-ORDER your book today!!!

Igniting The Fire: A Woman's Guide to setting ablaze in Ministry, Business, and Life

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Who said that women couldn't come together for the common good of the people? 19 women along side myself broke barriers and overcame the odds of life to live to share the testimony. After reading this book compilation you will know that you are never alone. We are here to support, encourage and inspire you to Igniting The Fire within. 

***Purpose isn't perfect and neither is this book. This is the first draft copy at this sales price***

My Clothes are Stained But I am Holy

$ 10.00 USD

The Titus Mother Uncut, Mama Ellie Dildy, has released her book of wisdom, knowledge and biblical wisdom to transform the lives of women everywhere.